Our mission


A passion for building smart and people-centric workspaces is what drives the team forward. We are constantly working to upgrade the system so that we can help people become more productive.


We’re part of HB Reavis


HB Reavis is one of the largest workspace providers in Europe. Symbiosy was developed in response to feedback from HB Reavis’ clients. Many of them faced similar challenges in deploying and integrating workplace technology into their real estate strategy.


25 years of HB Reavis’ experience in real estate combined with the Symbiosy team’s technology expertise allows us to come up with highly relevant solutions.


HB Reavis in a nutshell:

  • almost three decades of experience and know-how in construction and real estate,
  • significant international developments – One Waterloo (UK), Agora Budapest (HU), Varso Place (PL),
  • a wellbeing and community approach to every development

We stand for

the symbiosis of workspace and people




Truly smart offices are more than just technology.
They’re about people.

Every one of your employees brings their unique workstyle and preferences to the office every day. Help them achieve even more and show that you care.


of time indoors
An enormous part of our lives is spent inside, not outside.
of the world’s energy
Commercial buildings consume a tremendous amount of resources.

Let’s transform your workspace into a smart one

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