We care about data protection

more than anything else
Symbiosy is always used in line with these GDPR and User privacy protection principles:

  • restricted access to personal data
  • data is anonymized and aggregated
  • no individual-level data is provided to superiors, managers or colleagues
  • no tracking history is available on the kiosk
  • no tracking outside of the workspace
  • no data is stored from sensitive areas (e.g. bathrooms)
Frequently asked questions
How do you store my data?
As many other large organisations, we store and process data on Microsoft Azure Cloud. We use MS Azure infrastructure physically based in Europe.
Is my personal data safe?
We do our best to protect your personal data. Access to personal data is audited and restricted to system administrator.
Are insights compliant with GDPR?
Symbiosy insights is compliant with GDPR (we designed it with privacy in mind from the ground up) and we regularly update our policies according to instructions by the DPO.
Which personal data are processed?
  • Indoor positioning data (positioning tag ID, timestamp, indoor position);
  • Pseudonymised ID;
  • Department;
  • Entry card ID;
  • Email metadata from Microsoft 365;
  • Calendar metadata from Microsoft 365,
based on the respective Symbiosy package delivered.
Do you care about consent?
Basic personal data, e.g. name and tag ID, is collected by your employer based on legitimate interest. We only process further personal data upon consent. Consent is voluntary and can be withdrawn anytime using the respective Consent management system. Employer cannot enforce consent by any means.
Who can see my data?
Insights displays team or department-level data while no individual data is visualised on any report. Personal data is on as needed basis processed by Symbiosy, but it cannot be seen by colleagues or superiors.
Where is my position tracked?
Data on indoor position is tracked within the workspace except for bathrooms.
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