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How does Symbiosy work?

Symbiosy is a modular smart buildings solution consisting of building systems integrations, IoT and software interfaces for different building user groups.
Designing and delivering customer-centric solutions which drive tangible value across a wide range of building user groups is central to the Symbiosy philosophy. We achieve this by tailoring and optimising our solutions through the following design methodology: 
The modularity of our solution is only possible through an extensive network of partners which help us customize Symbiosy to different use cases and geographies.

The great thing about being part of a real estate developer is having a huge living laboratory to test all of our partner solutions on an ongoing basis. That means you’ll only ever find mature technologies in our deployments – ones that we know work following extensive testing in our own sites.

Few examples of our technology partners:

  • Quuppa
  • Connected Finland
  • Intel
  • Microsoft
  • PointGrab
  • Ultinous
  • Kaiterra

We operate on existing or new building infrastructure, ideally using a converged IP network, depending on the solution deployed. Our integrations normalise data from various protocols like BacNet or Modbus and convert the data into MQTT. This allows Symbiosy to communicate both into and out of individual building system devices like lighting and BMS controllers. Equally, we can ingest and normalise data from both high and low bandwidth IoT protocols, having built a series of integrations to deliver against a collection of critical real estate datasets like occupancy, real-time location and environmental wellbeing. Below is the high-level system architecture.

We are fully supported by major cloud providers, and pride ourselves on the robustness and scalability of our solution. This means that we can work across a range of buildings, allowing a range of macro and micro data views of real estate portfolios. Having a single central solution makes managing your real estate much simpler too.
Technical FAQ
Can Symbiosy be deployed in existing buildings?
Yes, we work with a brilliant network of master systems integrators to deploy in both existing and new building sites. The cost of deploying some of our features in existing buildings may be prohibitive, but we always aim to deliver a uniform experience for our clients across all of their sites.
What about my existing technology investments?
Symbiosy aim to work with any existing systems to reduce the cost of developing a functioning smart building solution. You should never need to rip out pieces of equipment already installed. Equally we are open to horizontal integrations to existing software solutions and databases or just building on top of your already in place smart building infrastructure.
What other systems have you integrated with?
We have integrated with the majority of major BMS, Lighting, Shading and Access Control Systems, as well as a range of IoT devices for varying levels of occupancy and environmental data collection. There are a host of software integrations including major office productivity tools like Office365 and GSuite, as well as payment providers like Stripe. We are fortunate to work with several Master Systems Integrators that have integration lists of their own.
What about Cybersecurity?
Our focus is always on ensuring that Symbiosy is as secure as possible to mitigate the risk of any external threats accessing your network. We are deployable entirely on premise if desired by our customers, and when we are in the cloud we work with top tier providers and benefit from their state of the art cloud security systems. We’ve got an ISO27001 certification too.
What’s your support like?
We have a dedicated support desk with account managers for your organization. They will work closely with your own IT teams to manage the solution locally, and can rapidly action any systems based issues should they arrive.
How does Symbiosy deliver analytics?
You will be introduced to the Symbiosy insights platform by our client success team. You will have a login to access the data at any time, and we will schedule onboarding sessions with our insights manager and our workspace consultants. This team will help you to interpret the data coming out of the Symbiosy platform and understand what this information means for your business and your workplace configuration.
How does Symbiosy treat data?
We are not a data reseller, and all respective data is wholly owned by the client. We provide single stream APIs for clients to carry out their own data analytics in house should they desire.
How involved is my team in delivery?
Symbiosy has it’s own internal delivery team which works closely with our network of partners so that you and your team don’t need to lift a finger during the delivery process. We manage everything from design, procurement, installation and commissioning all the way through to operation and software updates. That being said, your team can be involved at all stages if they wish, and we often work with onsite IT teams to ensure that our solution works in unison with existing systems.

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